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The week of August 10, 2018 Councilmember Buscaino helped open 160 units of supportive and low-incoming housing in his district for the formerly homeless. The El Segundo Apartments and 127th Street Apartments in Harbor Gateway will help take many individuals and families off our streets and out of their cars, giving them a fair shot at life.

The Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council Planning and Land Use Committee worked closely with the Meta Housing Corporation during the planning process which started three years ago. Construction took about six months and we are pleased with how the building came out and the services provided to our community. We hope to partner with other developers in our community throughout the duration of projects to benefit Harbor Gateway.

Thank you to the Meta Housing Corporation for partnering with Los Angeles to make this project possible.

The Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council Planning and Land Use Committee has started to review the Harbor Gateway Community Plan which was last updated in 1995. The Department of City Planning will be visiting the Harbor Gateway North area to discuss the Community Plan update process sometime in September. In the meantime, here is the link to the current Plan (which also covers the Harbor Gateway South area). For those of you living between Artesia and 120th Street in the Harbor Gateway Plan area, we want to hear your comments on what you like about our neighborhoods as they are and what improvements you would like to see for the next 25 years. The Plan update process is expected to take place over about a four year period.

1995 Harbor Gateway Community Plan

Councilmember Buscaino announced his plan to address homelessness recently. It includes a combination of Interim Housing, supportive housing, affordable housing, safe parking, and navigation centers in the five neighborhoods I represent. He provides this update August 2018:

My office has taken the first step in a very long process toward that goal, by asking the Mayor’s office to conduct a viability check on three sites for Interim Housing in Council District 15. The first location is a city-owned lot in Watts at 2316 East Imperial Highway. The second location is a state-owned lot in San Pedro at 515 North Beacon Street. The third location is a lot in Wilmington at 828 Eubank Avenue. These three sites are located in the neighborhoods with the most homeless individuals in my district and are a part of a comprehensive plan to move people off our sidewalks and into housing.

Each location will have 24/7 on-site security, receive additional enforcement and clean-ups in the surrounding areas, and beds will be assigned in advance to people already in the neighborhood. There will be no lines, no closing times and no loitering near the facilities.

My team and I have been working with local leaders and neighborhood councils to address homelessness. I hope that the individual neighborhood councils will discuss these sites and submit feedback. We will learn if the sites are feasible in late summer, and they will be publicly announced along with a series of open houses for each site. After that, there will be opportunities for public comment in early fall at the Homelessness and Poverty Committee and before the entire City Council.

We have already completed 78 units of supportive housing in Harbor Gateway and are opening 160 more units of supportive housing this summer. We are also looking at potential sites for safe parking locations throughout the district.

These efforts are being made in order to move the 105 people in Harbor City, the 178 people in Harbor Gateway, the 133 people in Watts, the 496 people in San Pedro and the 538 people in Wilmington experiencing homelessness off of our streets and connect them with housing and supportive services (2018 Greater Los Angeles Homelessness Count).

It will take comprehensive solutions to address the homelessness crisis in our district. This is just the first step in a long process to make our communities safer and get people off of our sidewalks and into housing.



Please click the follow symbol on my Facebook page to receive updates about this process. You can also submit feedback & learn more on my website. #EveryoneIn” – Councilmember Joe Buscaino

Los Angeles communities are experiencing hotter days than average and air conditioning units are increasingly being installed.  Here is a list of cooling centers and hours in English,, and in Spanish,, for residents  to help stay cool and healthy during our record breaking summer temperatures.

Harbor Gateway Neighborhood Council, District 6 Representative Marvin Bell attended the event against gun violence held on Friday, July 13, 2018 at the corner of Manchester and Vermont. Hundreds of shoes lined the street of Vermont at Manchester. Each pair of shoes represented a life that was tragically taken as a result of gun violence. Assemblyman Mike Gipson (D-64) urged #NotOneMore and the proliferation against Ghost Guns – Homemade guns without serial numbers. #NoGhostGuns

KTLA5 reported that Assemblyman Gipson is calling for a change in the nation’s existing gun laws that allow for the purchase of gun parts which enables the assembly of “ghost guns.”

KTLA Article on the Demonstration

Photo from Gipson Facebook Page

Video posted to Facebook from the Demonstration

Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council Board Member Larry Morrison was honored June 2018 for his assuming the role of father to children in his neighborhood.

The local Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Kappa Delta Sigma chapter, has been conducting the Honor Our Fathers (HOF) Event for the past 8 years.

Its purpose is two-fold. First, to recognize primarily unsung African American men for their positive contributions to family, community and our world in general. Second, it serves as a fund raising vehicle to support our scholarship program.

The HOF event is held annually, the day before Fathers Day.  In keeping with their African roots, they recognize men in the following categories: Shujaa – Single Father Award, Anajali – Married Father Award, Hekima – Mentor Father Award, Mzee – Senior Elder Father Award, and Marehemu – Deceased Father Award.

Larry Morrison was nominated in the Hekima – Mentor Father Award category as a man who has no biological children. However, he has assumed the role of “father” for children in his neighborhood by providing role modeling and mentorship for those whom he has no legal or moral obligation.

Larry is a Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council board member and district representative. As such he advocates for his community in areas like public safety, clean streets and environmental justice. But, Larry has taken his role a step farther. He has personally adopted his neighborhood elementary school and volunteers there working with faculty to spend quality time with special needs young African American boys who have no father figure. He also acts as a chaperone on school outings, tutors, and arranges meaningful and fun activities on campus for boys and girls. As a role model for clean and safe streets, he coordinates clean-up projects and has arranged for refuse bins placed under a freeway overpass near to the school, where illegal dumping frequently occurs, to ensure a safe passage for children. Larry works diligently with neighbors and faculty to keep them filled to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Larry understands the importance of the extended family and is a positive role model. He lends himself to help children as a mentor, motivator, coach, and protector. Thank you Larry for your service and congratulations on this honor.


Those in middle school and high school can stop by to pick up a free backpack with school supplies on Sun. July 22 in the UEI College parking lot, 701 W. Redondo Beach Blvd.

This event is sponsored by the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce with support from Staples, other businesses, and the Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council. Stop by our booth for information about City services and pick up our new tote bag and key chain flashlight.


Join us 10am-3pm on July 4th at Wadsworth and 118th. Refreshments and community information. Meet your Neighborhood Council and neighbors!


The Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council held the 2018-2019 Board Retreat on Saturday, June 9, 2018. Guest speakers and presenters included Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Councilman Joe Buscaino, Human Relations and Economic Development specialist Gary Delarosa, Chair Pamela Thornton, Treasurer Joan Jacobs, Outreach Coordinator Saira Cooper, and Octaviano Rios, Neighborhood Council Advocate. Each speaker spoke about values, requests, offers, opportunities, ideas, posed challenges and more. The day long Board Retreat serves as the planning meeting to discuss and vote on the Action Plan for the 2018-2019. The Board Term began 7/1/2018 through 6/30/2019.

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