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Join a Committee, become an Official Liaison

Join a committee

Don’t forget to sign up for the committees you are interested in no later than Friday, August 6th.

Join a Committee, become an official liaison – appointments made August 10

The HGNNC Board will be appointing members to the Standing Committees and official liaisons for regional and Citywide meetings on Tuesday August 10 during the next Board meeting.

To indicate your interest in being appointed, send an email with the Committee(s) you are interested in and/or Liaison positions to Vice Chairperson Joan Jacobs at by Friday August 6. Please be prepared to be present at the Tues. August 10 Board meeting to give a one-minute presentation on your interest/relevant background for the Committee or Liaison position.

Committees shall have no more than nine members, with at least two of those members being Board members. No more than four Board members can be appointed to any one Committee.

Standing Committees:

Bylaws – review/update the HGNNC Bylaws and Standing Rules for presentation to the full Board.

Executive – Is composed of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer and meets to review overall goals and plans of the Neighborhood Council

Finance – helps to create the fiscal year budget and update it, reviews monthly expenditures, and reviews and recommends approval of Neighborhood Purposes Grants to the full Board. Meets monthly.

Homeless Issues – assesses the current homeless situation in the HGNNC, hears from service providers, and recommends resources/solutions

Outreach/Communications – plans HGNNC outreach events and various methods of publicity for events and Neighborhood Council in general including website and social media

Planning and Land Use – reviews proposed development projects which require additional City hearings/approvals that are located within the HGNNC, evaluates Citywide planning and land use policies and statewide policies which will impact planning and land use, including Community Plan updates, and provides recommendations to the full Board. Meets monthly. Each member must complete a two-hour training to remain on the Committee.

Public Safety/Emergency Preparedness – discusses LAPD services, preparedness for major emergencies, and traffic issues relating to vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and street calming measures

Youth Issues – discusses issues related to those under 18 years of age living in or going to school within the HGNNC boundaries, works on developing close relationships with schools and other youth services within the HGNNC, and recommends youth-related projects and initiatives to the full Board


(most of these positions require only one to three meetings per year, when scheduled by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment or Alliance):

Aging/Senior Services

Animal Services

Budget Representatives (two per Neighborhood Council) – occasionally meet with other Budget Representatives from the Harbor Area and may become a Budget Advocate. Help to represent the service needs of the HGNNC in the City budget.

Community Impact Statement filers: These two to three designated filers of approved Community Impact Statements must be Board members.

Data Liaisons: These two to three designated liaisons receive training in creating charts and graphs to dramatize and help prioritize Neighborhood Council actions on issues of importance to stakeholders.

DWP Advocacy/MOU Oversight Representative: Works with other Neighborhood Council members on oversight of the Department of Water and Power services and rates, The group usually meets monthly.

Emergency Preparedness Liaison: monthly meeting the last Saturday of the month, currently via Zoom

FilmLA: irregular meetings with information on the film industry and its impact on local communities

Grievance Panel: Board members serve on these panels when needed to resolve a grievance issue of another Neighborhood Council

Harbor Alliance Representatives: attend a monthly meeting the first Wednesday of each month and report back on important issues to the HGNNC Board. Are authorized to vote on behalf of the HGNNC during the HANC meetings.

Homeless Liaison: irregular Citywide meetings to learn about the City and County initiatives to address homelessness

Legal/City Attorney Liaison: One to two Board members who consult with the City Attorney on legal issues relating to the Neighborhood Council

LGBTA+ Alliance: Citywide meetings to discuss LGBTA+ issues

Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils: Represent the HGNNC at these monthly meetings with representative of all Neighborhood Councils from around the City and report back on key issues

Public Works Liaison: Represents the HGNNC on issues relating to sanitation, streets, sidewalks, etc.

Sustainability Alliance: Represents the HGNNC to this Alliance working on issues such as tree planting and care, wildlife corridors, public transportation, water conservation, etc.

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