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Chair: Nakiesha Scott


Chair: Miguel Vasquez


Chair: Piers Fairclough

Homeless Issues

Barbara Tyson-Frazier

Outreach / Communications

Chair: Angela Springs

Planning and Land Use

Chair: Keith Pitts

Public Safety / Emergency Preparedness

Willa Henshaw

Youth Issues

Chair: Richard Lee


Aging/Senior Services: Keith Pitts, Jodette Spann. Rena Fountain
Animal Services Liaison: Elizabeth Jacobs
Budget Representatives: Piers Fairclough
Community Impact Statement filers: Rosalie Preston
Data Liaisons: Rosalie Preston, Miguel Vasquez
DWP Advocacy/MOU Oversight Representative: Richard Lee, Miguel Vasquez
Emergency Preparedness Liaison: Piers Fairclough
Film LA: Keith Pitts, Jackie Jackson
Grievance Panel: David Matthews, Julia Esqueda-Arteaga
Harbor Alliance reps: Keith Pitts
Homelessness Liaison: Piers Fairclough
LAANC: William Yates, Keith Pitts
Legal/City Attorney Liaison: TBD
LGBTA+ Alliance: Keith Pitts
Public Works Liaison: Richard Lee, Miguel Vasquez
Sustainability Alliance: Joan Jacobs, Nanci Torres

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