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Environmental Justice Policy Program Initial Survey – please fill out

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning recognizes the historical and current need to address Environmental Justice concerns in Los Angeles and is excited to initiate the Environmental Justice Policy Program, which is a comprehensive effort to centralize and strengthen environmental justice policies in the City’s General Plan. The General Plan describes policy goals and objectives that inform land use decisions, and ultimately shape and guide the physical development of the City.

As part of the Program, City Planning anticipates updating the Health Element, also called “The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles,” and the Air Quality Element of the General Plan. Other changes include making targeted updates to the Open Space Element, and the creation of a new environmental justice element or chapter in the Health Element.

A recently completed Health Element Progress Report provides the status of the existing Health Element programs. This report will inform additional environmental justice policies and programming as part of the Environmental Justice Policy Program.

In addition to the Environmental Justice Policy Program, the Department is set to launch a Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) in partnership with the Emergency Management Department and the Climate Emergency Mobilization Office. The CVA will help identify the City’s communities that are most vulnerable to climate change and will ensure that climate equity is a priority in future climate planning efforts.

Please join us in this important effort today by taking initial survey. A critical aspect of this work is ensuring meaningful community involvement throughout the planning process, with a focus on centering the voices of those most impacted by environmental injustice. Your input will guide the development of stronger environmental justice policies and will inform the prioritization and implementation of programs in the General Plan. More opportunities to engage in the process will become available throughout this multi-year effort.

Environmental Justice Policy Program Timeline

Please sign up for updates on the Department of City Planning website or via email. For questions or comments, contact us at

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Join a Committee – Appointments Made July 11

The HGNNC Board will be appointing members to the Standing Committees and Community Impact Statement filers on Tuesday, July 11 during the next Board meeting.

To indicate your interest in being appointed, send an email with the Committee(s) you are interested in to by Friday, July 7. Please be prepared to be present at the Tues. July 11 Board meeting to give a one-minute presentation on your interest/relevant background for the Committee position(s).

Committees shall have no more than nine members, with at least two of those members being Board members. No more than four Board members can be appointed to any one Committee.  Non-Board members shall be HGNNC stakeholders.

Community Interest Filers must be Board members.

Standing Committees:

Bylaws – review/update the HGNNC Bylaws and Standing Rules for presentation to the full Board and further review by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.

Executive – Is composed of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer and meets to review overall goals and plans of the Neighborhood Council

Finance – helps to create the fiscal year budget and update it, reviews monthly expenditures, and reviews and recommends approval of Neighborhood Purposes Grants and proposed events to the full Board.

Homeless Issues – assesses the current homeless situation in the HGNNC, hears from service providers, and recommends resources/solutions

Outreach/Communications – plans HGNNC outreach events and various methods of publicity for events and the Neighborhood Council in general, including website and social media

Planning and Land Use – reviews proposed development projects which require additional City hearings/approvals that are located within the HGNNC, evaluates Citywide planning and land use policies and statewide policies which will impact planning and land use, including Community Plan updates, and provides recommendations to the full Board. May meet monthly. Each member must complete a two-hour training to be eligible to vote.

Public Safety/Emergency Preparedness – discusses LAPD services, preparedness for major emergencies, and traffic issues relating to vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and street calming measures

Youth Issues – discusses issues related to those under 18 years of age living in or going to school within the HGNNC boundaries, works on developing close relationships with schools and other youth services within the HGNNC, and recommends youth-related projects and initiatives to the full Board

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Attic Insulation Rebate Program

LADWP has a new way to reduce your energy use and costs.
Do you know that most homes built before 1980 have no attic insulation? Your cooling and heating are escaping out of your house, costing you money. Just like a hat can help to keep your head warm or cool, attic insulation can help your home keep cool air in during the summer or warm air in during the winter.

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Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council Logo

Interested In Joining The Planning & Land Use Committee?

What does the Planning & Land Use Committee Do:

The committee makes recommendations to the Board on Planning and Land Use Issues, including the following:

  • Proposed Zoning Changes
  • Sub-Divisions
  • Affordable Housing Projects
  • Large Developments that are NOT allowed “by right”
  • Updates to the Harbor Gateway Community Plan
  • Two other Community Plans for the Harbor Gateway North Area
  • Proposals related to Land Use and the Impact of Development on Health & Welfare of Stakeholders

Committee members are expected to listen to the detail of land use proposal presented by applicants for projects in the Harbor Gateway North, to fairly evaluate the impact of the projects on the surrounding neighborhoods, and to make recommendations for improvements to the project proposals.

The Committee then makes it recommendations to the full HGNNC Board, whose members vote on its position to support or oppose the proposed project.

The Committee  meets the First Saturday of Each Month.

If you are interested in joining the PLU Committee or would like further information, please email us at  NO later than Monday, September 2nd, 2019 by 5pm.



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