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Mayor Modifies Safer at Home

Safer LA



SAFER LA – The Mayor will modify the Safer at Home Order to allow florists, toy stores, music stores, bookstores, clothing and sporting goods stores to offer curbside pickup starting Friday, May 8th. Businesses are not mandated to open and should only open if they can do so safely.Starting Saturday, May 9, Angelenos may return to City trails, trailhead parks, and golf courses. Runyon Canyon will remain closed and face coverings will be required. Gatherings are still restricted to those in your household. Physical distancing must be maintained in public.

3 LEVEL RISK ANALYSIS – As the City of Los Angeles moves through the stages of recovery, we will be guided by data and science. The County has defined seven key public health indicators that will enable public health and government officials to determine whether the COVID-19 crisis is improving, staying the same, or worsening — and to then take action accordingly. These indicators will evolve as our knowledge of COVID-19 and its effects grows. To track the status of these indicators, phases and steps we’re taking, visit

  • If the data shows we’re taking too many steps backward and we need everyone to stay home, these indicators will be red.
  • If the metrics are trending in the wrong direction and tell us we need to pare back activity, the indicators will be orange.
  • If we’re doing things right and the numbers are showing steady progress, the indicators will show up yellow.
  • Green means this crisis is over and, unfortunately, won’t be showing up in the foreseeable future.

EXTRA STEPS TO PROTECT WORKERS AND RESIDENTS – Starting Monday, May 11, all riders on LADOT transit buses are required to wear face coverings, including Dash, Commuter Express, and City ride. Also starting Monday, all travelers at LAX will be required to wear face coverings.

LA REPRESENTS – Coalition of top law firms, bar associations and attorneys donating their services free of charge to help renters, domestic violence survivors, and low income families/workers with everything from employment issues, to debt and bankruptcy challenges, and small businesses.
For those interested in joining the cause, visit

COVID-19 RESPONSE EQUITY – Capri Maddox appointed to serve as the City’s Chief of COVID Response Equity. Her mandate is to keep equity as our primary lens at every stage in this response. She’ll work on strategies to help more low-income residents and communities of color access available testing and get medical care when they need it – for COVID-19 symptoms and other life threatening illnesses. She’ll also work with partners to identify where the impact of the pandemic is unequal and build new strategies to protect people and prevent illness. Capri was recently appointed as Executive Director of the City’s New Civil and Human Rights Department, launching in January 2021.

UPDATES TO VITAL SERVICES – Changes and upgrades from the City’s departments to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Department of Transportation – DOT has expanded the number of intersections where the walk signal will come up automatically, without touching a button to close to 900 intersections and implemented near about 2 dozen hospitals. This upgrade helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 by limiting people from touching a button that may be contagious.
Streets LA Streets has doubled the frequency of cleaning at our transit shelters and installed 300 touch-free hand sanitizing dispensers at the highest-use stops throughout every council district in our city.

LA Sanitation has cracked down on illegal dumping to keep our sidewalks and streets clean.

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