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Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) Launches SPARK!

The Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is dedicated to engaging with community members to better serve them and meet their needs.

DCR needs your help to better advise the City of Los Angeles on cannabis laws, policies and programs! Throughout the next few months, DCR will be engaging with members of the community through an interactive and informative citywide outreach campaign — SPARK!

SPARK is a multifaceted program that allows community members to engage with DCR through a variety of methods, including virtual events, written feedback, surveys and other resources. Enter the SPARK Virtual Meeting Room or use the links below to learn more about different SPARK STATIONS within the SPARK Virtual Meeting Room:

  • SPARK SESSIONS: A series of virtual events led by local leaders and stakeholders each focused on different subject matters. Topics include licensing and regulation, the Social Equity Program, corporate social responsibility, and community impact.
  • SPARK RESOURCES: Information stations that include fact sheets and FAQs about DCR, our programs, policies, and general information about cannabis-related activity.
  • SPARK SURVEYS: Substantive surveys that provide DCR with direct feedback from all stakeholders on current policies, programs, and ways we can improve certain services.
  • SPARK COMMENT BOX: A stakeholder comment box that allows anyone to provide feedback on ‘all things cannabis’ in the community.

Community participation is vital to responsible and equitable development and implementation of cannabis policy in the City of Los Angeles. Through SPARK, communities can share input that will help inform the Department of Cannabis Regulation as we make future cannabis-related recommendations to the City of Los Angeles Mayor and City Council. We look forward to seeing you SPARK change in our community. Enter the SPARK Virtual Meeting Room from the DCR website.

DCR encourages members of the public to visit to find legal cannabis retailers. Also be sure to check out the Bureau of Cannabis Control “Get #weedwise” campaign, which aims to educate consumers about the risks associated with purchasing and using unlicensed cannabis, and increase awareness of the benefits of licensure.

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