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Public Safety Committee to Look at LAPD Priorities

The HGNNC Public Safety/Emergency Preparedness Committee will meet Thursday, July 9, 6:30pm to discuss:

  • Preparation of letter regarding proposed LAPD budget cuts and priorities for LAPD service within the HGNNC, with a recommendation to the HGNNC Board (Council File 20-0692
  • Discussion of upcoming emergency preparedness/public safety events
    a.) Ham radio training/weekly net with the Los Angeles Amateur Radio Club
    b) Use of Zello for emergency communications for CERT members
    c) Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance meetings
    d) Other types of outreach related to emergency preparedness/public safety

Meeting Access:
Every person wishing to join the Neighborhood Council meeting must dial 1-669-900-6833 and press # webinar ID 994 5024 4921 Zoom web link for this meeting is

July 9, 2020 Public Safety Emergency Preparedness Committee Agenda

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