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How Many City Council Districts Should We Have? Join the City-Wide Conversation

Redistricting listening sessions

After the leaked tape of the three Councilmembers making racist and offensive remarks during the previous 2021 redistricting process for City Council boundaries, the City of Los Angeles is now in the process of considering reforms to the redistricting process, including discussion of how many Council Districts should there be, how many residents should each Councilmember represent, who should be on the Redistricting Commission and how should those people be chosen. In-person meetings have been held and are continuing, with a measure to be placed on next year’s March or November Citywide ballot as a City Charter reform measure. Currently each of the 15 City Councilmember represents about 260,000 people. In contrast, New York City has 51 councilmembers and Chicago has 50.
If you cannot attend one of the in-person sessions, make your comments to Council File 22-1196-S1 using this link Be sure to enter the complete Council File number and click on the link in the confirmation email sent to you to actually submit your comment.
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