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District 5

Jodette Spann District 5 Representative: Jodette Spann Boundaries: North side of El Segundo Boulevard on the south, Vermont Avenue on the west, south side of 120th Street on the north, and Figueroa Street to the County of Los Angeles boundary on the east.
District 5 map

A Word from Jodette Spann

I am pleased to serve District 5. I was born and grew up in the community of Athens on the Hill, District 5 of the Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council. I am a member of the 121st Street Block Club; and a member-in-good standing of the Athens on the Hill Community Association. I am committed to work towards and to provide strong, effective leadership in support of advancing the quality of life concerns and interests voiced by Stakeholders of my community; Stakeholders of District 5; and Stakeholders of HGNNC. I worked with block club members; with stakeholders of District 5; with AOH; and with CD 15 City Councilman Joe Busciano in obtaining City Council approval on the Land Use Issue which resulted in the Street Closure at 121st Street & Figueroa. I am ready, willing, able and eager to begin this journey! Please contact me with any concerns and I can point you to useful resources, if you haven't already found them on this website. Your best bet for getting the City to address problems like graffiti, homeless encampments, abandoned cars, overgrown property and more is to complete a MyLA311 service request online or by App. If you have made several requests via MyLA311 and haven't gotten any results, please let me know and we can escalate the concern. Together, we can make District 2 better!

District 5 News

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