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Tues. August 8 Board Meeting at 7 pm


The Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council Board will hold its next Board meeting on Tues. August 8 at 7 pm at 555 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. in Room 185. The Board will appoint representatives to the Emergency Preparedness Alliance and Sustainability Alliance meetings, as well as two Budget Representatives who can become more involved in the City budget review that is done by the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates.

The Board will also consider a letter of support for trees to be planted in the medians on both the north and south sides of Rosecrans Avenue and support for four council Files, including one in support of the Independent Redistricting commission which when formed, will consider adding possibly ten more City Council seats to the current 15 for better representation of residents. The Field Deputies for Council District 8 and Council District 15 will also make reports and be available to answer questions.

Tues. August 8 Board agenda

July 11 Board minutes – draft

July 25 General Membership minutes – draft

HGNNC letter on Rosecrans Avenue median trees – draft

Council File 20-1178-S3 Therapeutic Van Pilot Program

Letter on Council File 22-1196-S1 Independent Redistricting Commission

Council File 23-0439 Nuisance abatement of vacant properties

Council File 23-0750 CD 15 office space in Harbor Gateway

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